Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CHI Show in California

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to San Jose, CA for the Spring Style Fashion Show and work for Farouk Systems. For those of you who don't know, Farouk Systmes is CHI and Biosilk products. I am an educator for them. It was alot of fun, but SO SO much work! We worked Sat, Sun and Mon from 7:30am till 6:30pm. I colored models on Sat and Sun. Monday I got a break and was asked to work out on the sales floor! That was so much easier! I got to sale product and watch the hair show. It was crazy fun! I have some of it recorded on our camera, but I'm not sure how to add a video on our blog. I'll try to figure it out.


These two lovely ladies were our professional hair models for Farouk Systems this past weekend at the San Jose, CA hair show.


Here are some of my hair models that I colored. After being colored, they went up on stage in front of hundreds of people, to get the latest fashion in hair cuts!




These two girls were so fun! And no, I didn't do these updo's. I wish! They are so amazing huh?


Trina said...

Way to go Summer! I'm glad you updated your blog. Sounds like life is crazy right now. You do good work with color. Love ya!

mom/caryn said...

I would call the hairdo to your left... uhhh-mazing... Not a real favorite with me, Summer. Does that make me a fuddy duddy? I went to many a hair show... modeled in a few. Always fun and always wild!

mom/caryn said...

okay... they're both pretty UHH mazing. And I don't think it would be difficult for you at all to do work like that... all you need is a client base in Utah who would wear it.

But, I ALWAYS LOVE yuour hair!!

I ought to have you try and make sense of mine someday. Where is your shop?

Chandi said...

sorry summer, but those hairdos are WACKO!!!! I've never really gotten why they do such outlandish do's. Do people somewhere really wear their hair like that? Anyway, the color looks great though! Fun that you get to do things like that.

cali said...

I love it! I am definately getting a sticking up dew! i know it will go over well here in utah for sure I will be called to relief society president! i sure do love you and all your guts!