Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowshoeing with the family!


Thad and Nala went snowshoeing with the family after Christmas! I had to work at the salon that day. =( They had so much fun together! Nala LOVES the snow!


Our 1st Christmas in our new home! We have a humble little christmas tree and an awesome family! Thad got me a Cricut along with Disneyland for christmas. So I will be doing alot of scrapbooking.

** My nephew Colby fell playing and broke his arm! So sad!**


Trina said...

What fun!
Thanks for updating your blog. Cute pictures. What a great family!


The Gibb's said...

Cute update!!! I love the pic with you and Thad in front of the tree, so cute! Love and miss you guys!

Chandi said...

Yeah! You posted again. What cute pictures. I love the one by the tree and the one at the entrance of Disneyland. It sounds like you guys had a real fun trip. It's so great to be able to do these kinds of things together when you are first married. I'm glad you guys are so happy.